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ATI Cables :: Network Cabling :: Cat 5e Patch Panels

Cat 5e Patch Panels

Photo Description QTY Break Price Availability QTY  
12 Port Cat 5e RJ-45 Wall Mount Patch Panel
Part Number: NCPP12
12 Port Cat 5e RJ-45 Wall Mount Patch Panel
More info
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24 Port Cat 5e RJ-45 Rack Mount Patch Panel
Part Number: NCPP24
24 Port Cat 5e RJ-45 Rack Mount Patch Panel
More info
In Stock Buy
48 Port Cat 5e RJ-45 Rack Mount Patch Panel
Part Number: NCPP48
48 Port Cat 5e RJ-45 Rack Mount Patch Panel
More info
In Stock Buy
16 Port Keystone Blank Patch Panel
Part Number: NCPP16MOD
16 Port Keystone Blank Patch Panel
More info
In Stock Buy
24 Port Keystone Blank Patch Panel
Part Number: NCPP24MOD
24 Port Keystone Blank Patch Panel
More info
In Stock Buy
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Patch Panels

These products are used to organize and connect lines of structured cabling systems in offices or industrial settings. Patch panels feature between 12 and 96 ports with each port/jack mapped to a specific telecommunications line. Standard communications patch panels are made with RJ11/RJ12 ports. Network variations are offered in both Cat 5e and Cat 6, with each having the female RJ-45 jacks on the panel's face and IDC connections (110 or Krone) on the rear.

Mounting Types

Patch panels are made in 10, 19 and 23-inch widths with the 19-inch variant being the most common. These panels are designed to screw into standard 19 inch rack spaces. This method is commonplace for patch panel installation in offices with dedicated server rooms. Small-scale users without the need or space for a complete rack system can utilize dedicated wall mounts to attach a patch panel directly to a wall. For convenience many direct mounts feature a hinge on one side for easy access to the panel's rear wiring without removing the whole system from the wall.

Keystone Patch Panels

Often standard patch panels do not provide the necessary options with only telecommunications or network-type ports. Users with custom needs should use blank, keystone module, patch panels instead. These modular panels are constructed of a thick, solid steel sheet with numbered port markings along their front. Each panel offers from 16 to 48-blank ports that are designed to each hold one keystone insert. Keystones can be mixed and matched to generate nearly any configuration from fiber optics to BNC connectors to Cat-type and everything in-between.

Modular patch panels provide smaller users with only the options they need with the possibility for future upgrades compared to fixed-type patch panels. Just as the case with traditional patch panels, these blank-type can be mounted to both rack systems and hinged-type, wall panel mounts.

ATI Cables offers the best prices on Cat 5e and Cat 6 Patch Panels in Canada.  ATI Cables is the leading supplier of Cat 5e and Cat 6 patch panels in Markham and Toronto.  www.aticables.com is known to sell the highest quality patch panels at the best prices to contractors and school boards who buy patch panels in Toronto, Markham, and Mississauga.

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